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28 Sep 2016

Vacations in Malia, Crete and Things You Should Know


Malia is a town in Crete that has quite a reputation. If you should be in for a party, then Malia is the location to go. Vacations in Malia are an event itself. Because let’s not pretend, the shores in Malia will be the best of the area of Crete. Stunning sand stretches that only disappear completely at the horizon. The shores are all put up with tanning stretchers so you can get sunlight tan you’ve been seeking. Or, in the event that you had a rough celebration evening, these are typically ideal to fall asleep down your celebration “fatigue.”

If you survived the nights of Malia, there is a lot of liquid task readily available: you’ll hire a jet-ski or watercraft and sail the deep blue sea. The bottom line is: holiday breaks held in Malia are amongst the best summer time breaks you can imagine.

Whenever you leave the coastline inside belated afternoon, there’s a lot of taverns and restaurants to pick from. And in case you ought to eat one thing while on the coastline, there’s lots of treat taverns that fulfill that want. However in the nights, your opportunities are virtually unlimited. You can eat Mexican, Dutch, Indian and Chinese meals or order a burger menu.

Once you have filled your belly with some Malia meals, it is currently time and energy to hit the nightlife. The town is filled with Greek taverns, English and Irish pubs and discos that may keep you hectic before the early morning hours (if it is time and energy to hit the coastline once more).

However, Malia isn’t just a place to visit for the famous and crazy nightlife. Is is a historic spot and you will seriously taste the flavor of ancient Greece with this the main area. And in case you hire a vehicle in Malia, you can visit all ancient places on area of Crete along with your pals or family.

And let’s not forget an essential fact about Malia: its a very cheap place to take a holiday. Whether you hire an apartment, book a hotel or select a studio for your stay, the places are all very reasonable.

Therefore, let’s discuss some details:

Planing a trip to Malia, Crete

Through the season most air companies fly to your airport of Heraklion. There are additionally budget air companies arranging routes to other airports on area. During wintertime, the sole airline flying to Crete in fact is Olympic Airways. Routes in winter season all go via Athens airport.

Crete can certainly be reached by ferry from Piraeus (near Athens) to Heraklion.

Your journey time

a trip to Heraklion from London takes approximately 4 hours. From Heraklion it will require about 45 min. by coach to your center of Malia. If your broker is caring for the transfer, the coach journey could take you much longer due to the numerous stops at various other accommodations.

Resorts and Apartments, What is Your Preference?

You will find about 25 accommodations in Malia and more or less 40 apartment buildings. Popular accommodations in Malia are “Malia Park”, “Alexander seashore” and “Malia Beach”. These accommodations are 4 and 5 performers. Popular apartment buildings are “Parthenis seashore” (3 performers) and “Acrogiali” (4 performers).

Transport in Malia

Malia actually that huge plus in the town center it is advisable to just go. Some accommodations however are based outside Malia. In this instance it’s best to just take a cab or simply accommodations vehicle. During lunchtime it is advisable to avoid this kind of transport considering traffic.

Your Documents

You’ll need a passport or good vacation documents to fly to Crete.

Season, Climate

During winter season it is really not that hot and loads in Malia can be shut. For coastline holidays in Crete it’s best to visit Malia from June to September. During those months it almost never ever rains and temperature is comfortable. In July and August temperatures quickly get to 40 levels Celsius. Please note: during large season in July and August it is rather hectic in Malia and Crete.

What to Pay with

In Malia you’ll spend with Euros. Altering United states Dollars and weight is not really a challenge. Bank cards are accepted every where and there are lots of ATM’s inside city.


Giving a tip-in Malia is normal. Listed here is a guideline of the amounts:

Catering business: you merely leave your modification
Taxi’s: round-up the taxi fare
Hair Dressers: you round-up the total amount
Porters: two to three euros per case is normal
Chambermaids: two to three euros per day is expected
Guides: 2 to 5 euros per person (additionally according to how big the team is).
And equally a note: Tips below 50 cents are thought an insult. Therefore keep that in mind.

Time area

On Crete it is 2 hours later compared to England and one hour later compared to European mainland.

Language Spoken in Malia

The language spoken on Crete (and therefore Malia) is Greek. In Malia English and German is not really a challenge though. Everyone talks English and quite a few individuals additionally German.

Telephone & Cell

The nation Code for Greece and Crete is +30. With your mobile phone is certainly not a challenge if you’re subscribed to a single of the primary mobile phone providers.


Guys have to shave using 220 Volts AC, similar to the locks dryers of the ladies focus on 220 Volts!


Malia and Crete are very safe. There isn’t actually most criminality. Maintain your things safe in your accommodation though. Apart from that, the neighborhood police are ruthless with individuals that enter a fight after exorbitant alcoholic beverages use. Gonna prison for quite a while is no exception to your guideline really. Therefore for youthful amongst the readers: behave yourselves. Do not invest your getaway in prison.


Control of medicines (or working medicines) will get you in prison for a long, number of years.

Items to See Near To Malia

Knossos, Agios Nikalaos, Heraklion, Stalis and Minoan Palace, 2 kilometers (3 kilometer) east of Malia.

Therefore, if you’re all set to go on a holiday, start looking at some routes to Malia. It is the right time to get going!