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03 Oct 2016

Thessaloniki scholar Housing


A short Thessaloniki student housing guide

In line with the Greek Ministry of knowledge, there are roughly 330.000 students at Greek general public universities at anybody time. Thessaloniki accounts for nearly 1/3 for the final number of students in Greece with approximately 100.000 students (including those going to personal colleges along with other advanced schooling organizations).

For a town of 800.000 individuals (city population 2011) what this means is a really high percentage of students, that will be obvious from vibrant atmosphere and nightlife. Most of the students are arriving off their Greek places, from European countries via trade programs and from Balkan countries to study at top quality personal colleges. Estimating that typically a full-time student spends about 4 years in Thessaloniki (excluding trade students), this means there are roughly 25.000 brand-new students when you look at the city yearly. And additionally they all require a place to stay…

This article will supply a quick guide to the types of offered student housing, the areas, prices, and what to know about regarding student accommodation in Thessaloniki.

1. Types of student accommodation

1a. University general public dorms.

The University of Thessaloniki offers dorms to students, predicated on need and mainly on economic criteria. They are provided free of charge. In practice this means its quite hard to get a dorm room even although you are eligible getting one. The dorms are mostly situated near the institution campus, however their high quality is quite reduced and upkeep is a huge problem, and issues about safety an such like.

1b. University Student Hostels.

These are personal properties (entire buildings) that are subleased by the University and they are provided mainly to change students requiring accommodation for a couple months or months. These are frequently ERASMUS students. At the time of 2011 there are two main student hostels, “Matsi Street 7” and “Kassandrou Street 134”, both very near the institution. They feature fully furnished “dorm-style” areas with ensuite personal bathroom and kitchenette (Kassandrou 134) solitary and double areas, a laundry location and cordless net access.

1c. Personal hostels.

For students wanting to stay just a few days/weeks, these hostels are more proper and a significantly better solution than a hotel. But they’re hard to find as personal hostels that lease rooms/beds by the day/week aren’t appropriate in Greece unless they’ve been Non-Profit companies.

1d. Personal rental flats.

These are standalone flats (studio, a few bed rooms) situated throughout the city that students can hire from personal owners. You are able to frequently see them through realtors (beware) or online advertisements. You will have to find the appropriate one to meet your requirements. Many of them tend to be unfurnished or partly furnished and they are more worthy of students which want to stay static in Thessaloniki for a couple years (while you’d have to purchase electrical appliances, refrigerator, cooker, etc).

When you move in you will need to enter a contract utilizing the electrical energy business DEI, the water and sewage business EYATH in addition to gas business for heating (or oil if you have petroleum central heating). Be aware that in addition to the lease you will need to pay for the month-to-month “public” expenses (i.e. elevator upkeep, cleansing, public lighting, fixes, etc.), so look for the harsh month-to-month quantity beforehand since this can differ wildly. This can be obviously not ideal solution for students visiting Thessaloniki for a couple months or a year once the hassle is too much.

1e. Rental student studios.

This can be an innovative new variety of student housing that is extremely popular with both regular students along with trade students. This trend started when you look at the belated 90s in just a few companies supplying this kind of accommodation. The primary concept is that of a building with rental studios, in which each student has actually his very own personal fully furnished room with en-suite bathroom and fully prepared kitchenette. This produces in place an exclusive top quality dormitory with solitary bed studios. The student atmosphere is maintained along with the sense of privacy and safety.

Some companies provide additional amenities such as for instance a laundry location, fitness center, storage space for large products, bicycle parking, etc. This solves the primary issues students could have if he rented a studio from an exclusive owner. Furthermore, some companies provide an ALL IN lease which include the expense of heating, electrical energy, liquid, public expenses, etc. even a fixed line ADSL net connection. This way students won’t experience the Greek public authorities to get a contract for every thing. This can be especially suitable for trade students who don’t have the full time or understanding to cope with this.

Finally, some companies additionally provide numerous additional security precautions (fire alarms, access control cards, etc). There clearly was frequently a porter at these buildings for anything that the students may need. But be careful which company you decide on as few provide all above.

2. Student accommodation places

Considering that the institution campus is in the city center of Thessaloniki, the most used student accommodation places are there. But considering that the city center is expensive, many students seek properties to hire nearby the institution above Egnatia road and mostly round the roads of Agiou Dimitriou and Kassandrou. This can be additionally where many student shops and cafes are situated.

The areas favored by students tend to be towards east region of the city such as for instance Depo, Toumpa, Harilaou, an such like. These nonetheless tend to be far from the center by foot and shortage the distinct “student experience” for the places nearby the institution. Besides, traffic can be very bad at certain times for the time towards institution.

In general, both city center in addition to places on east are particularly safe the whole day.

Finally, there are the areas on western for the city center such as for instance Stavroupoli, Evosmos, etc. in which lease prices are lower however these places aren’t popular with students. They are very densely populated and traffic normally a problem, plus numerous students (and particularly their parents) never pick these places while they have actually a reputation for higher criminal activity prices.

3. Accommodation prices

Rent prices consist of 200 euros every month for a separate studio in Evosmos to 650 euros every month for a 2 bedroom apartment when you look at the city center. The public expenses can also consist of 15 euros for a studio without central heating to 80 euros every month for a condo with central heating. Of course hire prices can fluctuate depending on the condition for the flat/studio.

On average students will pay about 350euros for an unfurnished studio nearby the institution plus 30euros/month for public expenses. Don’t forget to add the month-to-month price of electrical energy, liquid, heating, telephone/internet, etc for this.

ALL-IN costs for the arranged student studios that provide a myriad of amenities you need to include power bills, liquid expenses, heating, hot-water, net, washing, fitness center, etc. ranges from 390 to 460 euros every month for a furnished studio nearby the institution. For the average student who wants to have the privacy of his very own destination, but also reside the student life, here is the many affordable alternative which saves him the hassle and stress of working with the Greek public industry. One final benefit is that you can prepare your budget forward, everbody knows how much your lifestyle prices will likely to be, generally there will likely to be no unexpected situations at the conclusion of the month…

4. Legal issues

Being hire an exclusive residential property you need to know the annotated following:

If you are a EU citizen, you will need to get a Tax Registration quantity (ΑΦΜ) from regional taxation company. This can be a simple procedure which takes 5 minutes and that just calls for your passport. If you are a non-EU citizen you need getting a residence license after which have the preceding Tax Registration quantity. This can be absolutely necessary to legitimately hire a house in Greece.

If you stay at a hotel you need to know you cannot stay for longer than 3 months.

If you hire a house, you have to signal a rent.

Don’t take to remain at rental areas without signing a rent since this might get you in trouble. You must know that it’s unlawful to remain anywhere without a lease, unless its a hotel.

Always assert that the landlord arms you straight back a duplicate for the lease “stamped” by the taxation company. It is really not unusual for landlords to hire properties without a lease or without the official “stamped” lease – it is unlawful. Don’t put yourself ready where you can enter difficulty. Always need to signal a formal lease.