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01 Mar 2017

Long awaited YouTube TV goes live

YouTube TV was officially presented today after many months of rumors. Google intends to make a serious move in order to dominate the entertainment industry with a live TV service and has made reality the wish of many internet users in U.S.A. and the rest of the world.

Google has signed several contracts with various media companies who would like to distribute their content on the platform. Google decided to keep the older YouTube Red service distinct from the new and to add all major networks, big broadcast players and some cable programs in packages that would satisfy every viewer’s needs.

In beginning YouTube TV is going to have in its arsenal CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, FX and Fox sports. Showtime will require an extra fee but you will be able to watch your local city affiliate TV stations as you would watch it on your TV set over the air. With over 40 networks available, YouTube TV comes as Google’s answer to the Playstation Vue and Sling TV options.

YouTube TV will be having unlimited cloud DVR storage which means that you will never lose a single game of your favorite team or a minute of your beloved TV series. The mobile app will be reorganized and will feature 3 main sections which will be the home section, library and live. The user will be able to watch a live broadcast, to record a show or to send a video to his Chromecast or a compatible Smart TV set.

All the other basic features of the YouTube app that we all know and have in our smartphone is going to be there like recommendations and created video playlists. Google added customer service support that you can contact through the app, either via text or voice chat. If you intended to use your Apple TV, Roku, PS4 or Xbox to enjoy the brand new YouTube TV, you can forget about it because Google decided to exclude them, at least at start.

YouTube CEO Susan Vojcicki said that the company’s target is the younger audience that are not so much fans of standard TV or they don’t even want to own a TV. Vojcicki told the journalists that the main aim is for the customer to be able to watch TV whenever he wants, wherever and on any screen without limiting terms. The cost of the service will be 35 dollars per month which will enable 6 users with one account to access content whenever they like.

YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars and operates now as a Google subsidiary. In December 2016 it was ranked as second most popular web site in the world by Alexa Internet, a web traffic analysis company.