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OrbitRemit Review

OrbitRemit is a leading New Zealand  online foreign exchange company with a dual focus on  inexpensive remittance transfers and facilitating government payments. Founded in 2009 by 3 former real estate agents, Tommy Heptinstall, David Platt and Robbie Sampson, OrbitRemit may actually be the world’s simplest transfer company. The start-up launched with the intention of challenging the high transfer rates in New Zealand in order to provide better value service for both the migrant workers sending remittance home and the families transferring money overseas to pay university fees.

OrbitRemit  makes about 30,000 transfers each month, transferring  amounts near $25 million monthly. Totally approximately $ 600 billion annually, their 80,000 customers send money home or abroad in 25 currencies. The company also is a unique  government service provider and much of its remittance services are utilized by New Zealander’s making social welfare and tax payments.




Money Transfer Services:

Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and New Zealand Ministry of Justice and Social Development Payments are made  through a partnership with OrbitRemit. The company has a unique  relationship with the New Zealand Government and was the first non-bank to provide payment services to the Inland Revenue Department. In a typical month, OrbitRemit transfers $100m to IRD in 250,000 transactions which pay student loans, child support and other tax obligations.

About 56,000 support questions on government payments were answered by OrbitRemit Wellington staff the first month the IRD service became available.

OrbitRemit charges no fees for IRD transfer payments

Workers can  send  work and income payments to The New Zealand Ministry of Social Development, for free.

Also, without paying fees, New Zealanders can use OrbitRemit to pay fines to The New Zealand Ministry of Justice

  • Excellent exchange rates are more cost effective than banks or credit cards
  • OrbitRemit doesn’t charge the fees banks do for making repayments
  • Online payments can be made on smartphones or any digital device
  • Simple interface allows  quick payments while tracking  payment records

Benefits of using OrbitRemit for Transfers:

  • Excellent rates bank beating exchange rates
  • Service available 27/4 online and by telephone
  • Updates track money during process with notice when transfer is completed
  • Fixed Fees regardless of amount of remittance with free first and tenth payment
  • Recurring transfer scheduling available
  •  Transfers made as simple and easy to use as possible
  • Safe: OrbitRemit uses the highest available level of encryption
  • Mobile App available for iOS and Android devices



Uber-sleek, and straightforward  OrbitRemit’s  easy options for paying IRD and New Zealand Ministry payments and the transfers services are presented as the two separate services. Currency calculator shows the only 3 currencies transfers can be made in, which are AU$ NZ$ and GB£.

Little media, or content is seen except for a video encouraging users to invite friends to register in order to receive a bank deposit of £50 or AU$/NZ$ deposit of $100 as a reward for this referral.


Not available in all Destinations:

OrbitRemit can send remittance ( in GB£ or NZ$, or AU$)  to any EU country, to specific destinations in Asia including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India. Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and the US are also destinations OrbitRemit can transfer to from New Zealand, making it an excellent, highly localised firm with the notable ability to simplify paying Zealand taxes, fines and payments.

Fees and Rates:

  • Fees vary from AU$ 4- AU$ 8 for transfers depending on the destination.
  • OrbitRemit charges no fees for the 1st and the 10th transfers.

OrbitRemit saved an average $40.45, when comparing transfer rates with banks. Transferring $500 (in NZ$) with OrbitRemit delivered 491.61 while an average  bank rate delivered  451.15


TRUSTPILOT rates OrbitRemit a 9.4 with 7,841 reviews. When transfers went through swiftly, as they almost always did, clients praised the speedy, easy to use online platform. Although 24 hour phone support is advertised, clients didn’t find this to be true, in fact they found it difficult to access customer support in general. When normally available, tracking function ceased to work when transfers were delayed, precisely when clients needed them most.

Editor’s Review:

OrbitRemit makes a real impact in the lives of those who save on remittance and their low rates have forced bigger, expensive transfer companies, like Western Union and MoneyGram to reduce their own high fees in the region, again, benefiting many in the migrant economy. Although the customer service issues are troubling, they’re expected given the enormous volume of transfers the company makes. The innovation of offering free services to New Zealanders paying IRD taxes, fees and payments is what makes OrbitRemit a  remarkably trustworthy company. 4 out of 5 stars for trustworthy transfers.




A great local transfer service for workers residing in New Zealand or Australia and a convenient way for Kiwis to pay fines and social service payments.


Not a global provider, since there aren’t (yet) any services available in currencies other than GB£, AU$ or NZ$.