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FairFX Review

FairFX is a UK based international payment services firm that has been offering foreign exchange services since 2007.

FairFX has created a cloud-based peer-to-peer payments platform that enables personal and business clients to make multi-currency payments in a range of currencies and countries and across a range of FX products. FairFX facilitates payments either directly to bank accounts or at over 30 million merchants and over 30 million ATMs in a broad range of countries globally via Mobile apps, the Internet, wire transfer and MasterCard/VISA debit cards.

FairFX focuses on three Services: Currency Cards, International Payments and Travel Cash.

FairFX MasterCard Currency Cards

3 cards are available: Eurozone, United States and Anywhere Else. Cards can be used in over 210 countries and over 35.9 million merchant locations

Eurozone Card- Fee-free when using the card wherever MasterCard is accepted-€1.50 to withdraw from ATM



United States-$2. Fee to withdraw money from ATM, some ATMs will apply a surcharge.

Anywhere Card -Loaded with Sterling, the funds convert to the local currency when card is used with a 1.4% currency charge. £1.50 Sterling and £1 International ATM transaction fee with possible additional ATM surcharge

FairFX promotions claim their cards save clients £111 by comparing them to bureau de change rates at Heathrow Airport (the worst exchange rate they could find) and competitor Post  Office’s also uncompetitive exchange rate.

FairPay International Payments

  • Online international payments can be made 24/7 online
  • Telephone service payments are also available
  • Free payments for amounts £500-£250,000
  • Competitive exchange rates with no hidden fees
  • Payment are forwarded rapidly
  • Encryption and security technology ensures safety of transfer

FairPay is used for property maintenance, mortgages, payment of expenses abroad, weddings and honeymoons overseas, education abroad, purchasing goods and services or sending money to family and friends. FairFX guarantees the best international rate for fairPay transfers.

Travel Cash – Over 20 currencies are available for next day delivery using Royal Mail next working day delivery. A calculator widget can be used check rates.


Traditional foreign exchange services are offered to more than 5,000 business clients with the unique bonus of offering corporate cards many exchange companies can’t offer. Transfers have no hidden fees, leading market exchange rates and no service charges.

Business clients register, specify the amount they wish to send and FairFX will confirm their best rates and payment options. Transfer options are:

  • Experts are dedicated to manage accounts
  • Spot Transfers using current rate, delivered within 2 days
  • Forward Contracts, fixing current rate for up to one year
  • Limit Orders with set target exchange rate
  • Stop Loss, to reduce risk
  • Rate watch insight from account manager informs clients of market movements
  • Market reports provide a daily snapshot of currency trends

Affiliate Partnership Program

  • Additional revenue stream with tailored commission agreements
  • Personal service with a direct point of contact in our Partnerships team
  • Referral incentives with regular commission reviews
  • Lifetime commission on all international money transfer referral trades
  • Market leading currency cards and exchange rates


The wave on a pristine beach on FairFX’s site make it clear that travel money  and travel cards are the company’s featured products. They offer international payments, as other foreign exchange companies do but also have the added feature of  currency cards which, along with travel money offer additional services to private and business clients. The three services are easy enough to navigate to due to the website’s spare simplicity. There’s a widget rate calculator for travel money and notice that next day delivery in available- wisely expedited for those rushing to conclude holiday travel plans.  The three Travel Cards page gives slightly more information, noting that in the event of immediate travel, if there’s not enough time for the card to be delivered, travel money is recommended.

The limited  detail on the FairPay International Payments page, doesn’t expressing remind the business visitor that clients have dedicated service agents. It’s too simplistic considering businesses visitors would appreciate details when researching such services.  This business service aspect of FairFX could be integrated with international payments to give this aspect of their service the same rich descriptions seen elsewhere.

FairFX clients like Associated press are clearly  able to utilize  having travel expenses tracked by a corporate card as well as the corporate travel card and international payments. The daily Market report supports FairFX as an authority capable of handling international business. Good expert daily content is broken down into currency snapshots, round up and coming up packages that work to inform clients of the marketplace movements in a succinct manner. More content featuring clients wouldn’t be amiss, though.


TRUSTPILOT gives FairFX  a 8.7 rating from 1006 reviews Travel card clients complained of poor customer support when abroad and some said there wasn’t any direct way to reach the company by phone or online. A customer travelling to Hawaii  was charged 5 times for one  transaction that didn’t go through. He searched online and was unable to find assistance or any phone number to correct the error which made him unable to access the funds he’d earmarked for his trip.  The other complaints followed similar patterns stating that customer service was rarely available and often unresponsive to issues facing users abroad making long distance calls to resolve these issues.

ReviewCentre has only 5 reviews of FairFX service, giving a 3.4 out of 5 rating with 60% rate of recommendation. Two complaints  describe  being charged for transactions they couldn’t complete. Customer service asked client to approach vendors requesting a letter stating they were unable to process the card, an impossible request as client was using ATMs in  Vietnam which had refused to issue cash. Another user said she became ‘afraid to use the card’ which was charged for the transactions it was continually declined for. Client ran up credit cards as result and had no response from FAIRFX for over a month of emailing to request refund of money she had already loaded on her travel card.

Editor’s Review:

The popular travel card, FairFX’s bread and butter, should come with the same dedicated attention FairFX has for its large corporate clients.When service on cards is effective, clients save money making great exchanges with the added feature of being able to budget travel expenses.  Since FairFX isn’t able to control international technological glitches that cause their cards to be debited unfairly, their travelling clients deserve better online and international telephone assistance.

4 out of 5 stars for FairFX’s Travel Card, Travel Cash and International Transfers


Good travel card works well for personal and business travel alike- this is FAIRFX’s strongest suit. Travel money delivered is a better option than Post Office or airport.


FAIRFX feels like two related companies that happen to be linked by a common card service. Travel money rates don’t have to be very good to beat airport bureau de change, so FAIRFX can easily offer better rates to theirs.