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  • ACE FX Review
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  • Last modified: January 5, 2017
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ACE-FX Review

ACE-FX is a small, competitive UK-based market leading bureau de change and currency exchange company with two branches in Canary Wharf: one at Cabot Place and another at Canada Place shopping mall and a third at London Bridge.

The small London firm offers a variety of local UK services that compete with Post Office currency buy back services and high street banks exchange rates.

  • ACE-FX will buy currency at 8% more than Post Office rates.
  • Can offer international transfer rates typically 1% to 4% less than banks.

ACE-FX is in competition with other bureau de change firms in London, not with foreign exchange companies: ‘ACE-FX will buy and sell cheaper than any other bureau de change in London…offering better rates than the UK’s leading High Street Banks, Airport and High Street Bureau de Changes, Marks and Spencer, The Post Office, Sainsbury’s and even speciality banknote suppliers like Travelex and Thomas Cook.


ACE-FX stocks all major currencies available in store branches. However, if a currency  is not currently in stock, 3 times a day delivery service guarantees currency by the end of the day of order.

Partnered with MoneyCorp, ACE- FX promises to provide customers’ money transfers at the most competitive rates in the UK.

Services include:

  • Rate Alerts by mobile or email
  • Money transfers to over 100 countries worldwide
  • Online payment services available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated account managers
  • ACE-FX runs an in branch, by post and a postal currency delivery service for anyone in the UK, with next day delivery service

Prepaid Currency Cards:

ACE-FX pre-paid Euro MasterCard, ACE-FX pre-paid Dollar MasterCard and ACE-FX pre-paid Global MasterCard ( using GBP)  are issued online with a fee of £9.95 or free loading for over £1,000 or a currency equivalent.

Collecting from any of 3 London branches the fee is reduced to £4.95 or free loading for over £750

Each has a daily loading limit of £10 minimum and £5,000 maximum

Personal  Money Transfers:

  • No transfer fees
  • International payments made
  • Regular payments
  • Save 1% to 4% compared to  banks
  • Transfer money online 24/7

Business Money Transfers:

  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • Expert guidance on foreign exchange markets
  • Spot contracts
  • Forwards
  • Contract options and market orders
  • International transfers using debit card

Provided through MoneyCorp , one of the largest UK foreign exchange companies, allows ACE-FX  to compete in the London foreign exchange marketplace.


Despite the high TRUSTPILOT rating at the top of the homepage, the website really establishes ACE-FX as a provider of services which include, but don’t focus primarily on foreign exchange.  Range of products makes the site feel very much like a shop with products set out on the shelves.

Currency exchange rates on homepage compare £10,000 taken Nov, 2015 with bank rates from HSBC,RBS, NatWest and MoneyCorp- showing a savings ACE-FX promises- to deliver at its branches. Business services are listed amongst the offerings although there is no evidence given to show how a dedicated dealer could maintain a relationship with such a client, given the store front mechanism in place with ACE-FX.

For Londoners, ACE-FX makes sense as a service providing spot transfers, currency cards and for selling back foreign currency. Many clients enjoy popping into branch offices, others find delivery service convenient. For those used to Post Office and bank transfers, ACE-FX offers an improvement in rates. With less overhead, it appears that ACE-FX might be able to offer highly competitive spot transfer rates for UK (most especially London) clients.

Although business services are offered, ACE-FX is hardly equipped to assist business with complex contract options and dedicated services that meets the industry standard. Affiliated with MoneyCorp isn’t the same as being able to duplicate their partner’s global services.for best rates on currency cards, bureau de change and currency exchange services.


TRUSTPILOT rates ACE-FX  a  9.6 out of 10 rating  with 6,355 reviews. Local clients making spot transactions  find the branches easy to pop into and MoneyCorp’s rates better than those available through other agencies offering Western Union which has far more fees and worse rates. For those nearby ACE-FX also offers better rates for travel money than competitor Post Office,  ACE-FX’s branch offices work very well for  those wishing to buy or sell travel money and currency cards, making it an excellent walk-in bureau de change option for busy Londoners.

Editor’s Review: As a bureau de change, ACE-FX works really well to provide a range of services to walk-in clients in London. The notion of approaching a desk to exchange money suits clients familiar with Post Office and Tesco Bank services. In many ways ACE-FX isn’t actually to be seen as a foreign currency exchange company but rather a hybrid branch with a pastiche of products on offer.  With very limited business services, and certainly no dedicated corporate, eCommerce or other business functionality, ACE-FX is a cut above other branch agencies (like Post Office) but not as sophisticated as traditional foreign exchange firms also located in London.

3.5 out of 5 stars-for ACE-FX ‘s bureau de change branches offering services which also offer many other financial products.



Currency cards for travel are a useful service.


Very limited marketplace, really just for customers near to London Bridge and Canary Wharf .