North America

01 Mar 2017

Trump promised everything in Congress but convinced few

Improved wages, corporate tax cuts, creation of new jobs, major renovation of United States infrastructure and a new immigration system are the most important promises that Donald Trump gave during his speech in front of the joint session of Congress in Washington. The newly elected President appeared calmer and more moderate than he has been until now. His change of  tie from his favorite red to blue was probably a way to symbolize this little change of attitude.

Trump entered the Congress chamber having Republican senators applauding him and women Democratic senators dressed in white symbolizing the opposition to the Republican attempt to roll back women’s progress. The President took the podium and started his speech from immigration, which has dominated the news in the past months. Trump shifted his rhetoric from being harsh to a more calmer one. He said that “the new U.S. immigration system should be based on a merit-based system”. Turning to the Democratic senators, he added that he is open to proposals from their side on this matter and that a possible cooperation could lead to a new fairer system. Trump, of course, did mention the building of the wall in the borders with Mexico but neglected to tell his audience who is going to pay for the construction.

Donald Trump tried to look confident in the success of his plans and to regain the trust of citizens. He said that he is willing to set aside differences with his Democratic rivals and the media that so many times he has accused of spreading fake news or not saying the total truth. After that, the unpredictable President attacked right away Barack Obama’s administration saying that “I am trying to drain a swamp in Washington” making Democrats burst into sarcastic laughter. He described the famous Obamacare using the word “disaster” and called for a major overhaul of healthcare system.

Trump stressed the will of his administration to create jobs and improve wages for American citizens. His aim will be to also strengthen the security of the nation implying a major rise on the budget of the Department of Defense. He promised the members of the Congress that he will do anything for the laws to be enforced and respected. Trump suggested that a massive tax relief for the middle class and a cut on the corporate tax rates will enable the U.S. economy to grow faster and didn’t forget to mention that “this way we’ll make America great again”.

The President didn’t mention anywhere in his speech Russia, perhaps in an effort to evade any talk that could remind the recent scandal about possible ties of members of his staff with Russian officials. Trump said that U.S.A. is going to be open to new partnerships and friendships with other nations. He gave extra importance to the U.S. presence in NATO, saying that he will honor the terms of the alliance, if the rest of the members fulfill their financial obligations.

Critics told the media that the President promised a lot, but he didn’t give explanations on how he is going to achieve all these. Chuck Schumer, leader of Democratic senators, told journalists that he doesn’t remember the last time that a presidential speech and reality had been so detached. It is obvious that the intense relationship between Democrats and Republicans can’t change in a single evening.