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20 Feb 2017

Trump lies again, Sweden laughs at him

The public outrage against Donald Trump continues to grow after the newly elected President lied during one of his speeches in front of his supporters. Trump said “look at what happened last night in Sweden” when he was mentioning places that were hit by terrorists. He received an applause by his supporters and left everyone else searching in their news feeds about what had happened in the peaceful country of Scandinavia.

As soon as people started understanding that it was a clear case of lies, Twitter users began lashing out or making fun of Trump. Hashtags like #jesuisikea, #prayforabba, #fakenews showed up on Twitter and were trending for many hours. But it was not only the simple unknown users that reacted in that way. Famous politicians like Carl Bildt, an ex-prime minister of Sweden, spoke his opinion about Trump using his Twitter account saying ” Sweden? Terror? What has he been smoking? Questions abound” . Chelsea Clinton, daughter of ex President Bill Clinton and rival of Trump for presidency, Hillary Clinton, wrote on her account “What happened in Sweden on Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green massacre perpetrators?”.

An official answer from the Swedish government was given right away through the embassy in Washington that was saying that in any case Sweden is ready to inform the United States administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies. Trump later tried to retract his statement saying that he was referring to a TV report made by Fox News. The truth is that there was a similar report that aired on Friday night which looked at general problems that Sweden faces with immigrants and their everyday lives there. Nothing on the report had to do with any attack since the last one occurred in Stockholm in December 2010.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump or high ranking members of his staff try to spread fake news in order to make the administration’s decisions more appealing for the public to accept. In the beginning of February, Kellyanne Conway, who is a top aide to President Trump, very famous to US media for her controversial opinions,  cited an alleged “massacre” when she  tried to defend the 6-month immigration ban that the administration imposed on citizens of 7 Muslim countries. Conway said that Barack Obama had also imposed a ban on Iraqi citizens when authorities arrested the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre and that US citizens were never informed by the media for all these. Later she added that the masterminds of the massacre were clearly terrorists. These statements ignited a reaction from the media because there was never a massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In reality, a couple of Iraqi citizens were arrested on charges of sending weapons and money back to Iraq and they still remain in prison without any official ban for people who travel or immigrants.

Donald Trump has gone to war against the most famous US media outlets like CNN, NBC, New York Times even before he was elected. In his speeches he constantly says that modern media do not tell the whole truth to the people and that they use their power to manipulate opinions. It seems that from his position as President he tries to do the same thing.