06 Mar 2017

Trump accuses Obama for wiretapping providing no proof

Donald Trump made it to the headlines once again during the weekend, when he accused his predecessor, Barack Obama for wiretapping the communications in the Trump Tower, in New York City. The newly elected President, who is a prominent and very skilled user of Twitter, used his social media account to convince the American citizens, that secret services tapped the phone lines so they could acquire important information before the elections.

Trump has been under pressure, because members of his staff like the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, have been found to had conversations with Russian diplomats prior to the elections. Democrats took advantage of the situation and have accused Russian hackers for searching for important information in the servers of the party.

Trump, being cornered by the media for his ties with Russia, counter attacked by blaming Barack Obama for wiretapping. In a series of tweets, he called Obama “a bad or sick guy” and talked about a new wave of McCarthyism. Officials that worked for the Obama administration asked if there is any proof to back up the accusations. It appears that Trump used propaganda to escape from the corner of severe criticism.

It all started, when Marc Levin, a radio talk show host, said on air that Obama used federal government services to wiretap the Republicans. In today’s United states of America there is no need to proof any accusations wrong. Breitbart News site, which is Trump’s favourite, picked up the “fake news” and from then it was a matter of few hours for the President to endorse them. It is not the first time that Donald Trump acts like that. In the past he was one of the main supporters of the claim that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. and that he is also the founder of the ISIS organization, consistently failing to provide a shred of evidence.

James Comey, the director of the FBI, believes that this a false allegation made by the President. He has reportedly asked the US Justice Department to publicly reject those claims. James Clapper, who was Barack Obama’s director of national intelligence, denied that any action, similar to which Trump described, took place. Kevin Lewis, Obama’s spokesman, reported that “neither President Obama, nor any official of the White House ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen”.

The White House has ordered the Congress to investigate the allegations. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, told the journalists that “there are some very troubling reports concerning politically motivated investigations”,but failed to provide additional information. Deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said on ABC that “there are multiple news outlets that reported on wiretapping” in an obvious effort to support a clueless case.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat minority leader in the House of Representatives, described Trump’s action as authoritarian. The next weeks will be full of action between the Republicans and the Democrats with the American people being victims of misinformation and distrust.