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08 Mar 2017

LinkedIn exits Russian market

Russian professionals won’t be having anymore the opportunity to create a LinkedIn account if they reside inside the Federation. The Microsoft owned company announced that it is exiting the Russian market because it doesn’t want to comply with the regulator’s terms.

The Russian regulator Roskomnadzor stated that it received an official letter from the management of the social networking site in which it was said that the American company doesn’t want to comply with the Russian data storage law. This law orders any company that conducts business on the Internet to keep localised data bases with the information of Russian citizens on Russian soil.

Last November, Roskomnadzor banned LinkedIn in Russia and ordered every telecommunications provider in the country to block the world’s largest professional network. Critics against Vladimir Putin’s government said that this was another attack against the social media and  freedom of speech on the Internet, in a country that doesn’t respect people’s rights. The Moscow City Court denied earlier an appeal made by LinkedIn to reverse the decision. Almost 6 million Russians are registered users of the site that helps professionals to network with co-workers or do business online.

The Twitter account of LinkedIn sported a R.I.P. next to its logo to signal the end of the site’s presence in Russia. Social media like Twitter and Facebook have tried to stall as much as they can to comply with the law concerning their users’ data but it is expected that sooner or later they will have to face the consequences.

LinkedIn was bought in June 2016 by Microsoft for 26.2 billion US dollars. It was founded in December 2002 and it has 400 million registered accounts worldwide.