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01 Oct 2016

Three Disadvantages of Typical Classroom Learning


In a normal class room setting, pupils are created to sit passively whilst the teacher provides a lecture. There are explanations as to why many instructors seem dissatisfied with this particular rehearse. For the time being, i will limit myself to only three:

a. Pupils’ focus is placed in the incorrect way; in taking records without understanding and absorbing brand new concepts.


• pupils’ inability to understand key tips and concepts,

• Failed lesson objective.

b. An excessive amount of give attention to presentation, short amount of time left for rehearse: Since an instructor must provide a set amount of concepts within a limited time, many class room activities are sufficed into presentation phase just. Application is left for pupil to accomplish as homework.


• this plan does not permit pupils to try out brand new concepts. Their particular learning is placed to a halt at a particular phase; they find yourself cramming concepts, and are incapable of produce any such thing fruitful, except common answers to exam concerns.

• Furthermore, many students might get stuck while doing problem sets at home. This too thwarts their particular performance. If they are incapable of master one idea, and have now been incapable of exercise it successfully, we can not possibly anticipate them to understand a newer idea on the basis of the earlier one,

c. A teacher’s lecture is typically one-size-fit-all. Not all pupil has the exact same speed of learning. While many pupils can proceed with the teacher’s lecture with convenience, almost all of the others require time for you chow on the information that they are getting. Also, each pupil has actually another type of learning style. You can’t anticipate a kinesthetic learner to understand a thought by just hearing a lecture. If a visual learner gets far worse grades than an auditory learner, it does not mean that the previous is slow or lifeless; it may just mean that the class room techniques had been created for the auditory learner just.


• This results in the pupils’ inability maintain speed utilizing the instructors’. The whole world stereotypes them as ‘slow students’.

• Poor grades and lagging in class room performance is a major contributor to a poor self image and lack of confidence. In fact, the failure of several pupils to produce what they are with the capacity of achieving is attributed to the above mentioned factors.

• This not merely mars prospective skill, in addition it triggers distress to a whole lot many specific and hardworking instructors.

The standard public school system and class room methods are not even close to ideal. The obligation befalls the arms people educationists we review the factors which make the current college system ineffective. Just then would we have the ability to rectify these trouble spots to create classrooms that deliver. Within the following times, i will be publishing more about these issues, and offering useful solutions to them.