01 Oct 2016

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore! Listed below are 51 Reasons To Love Singapore


Come 9 August 2016, Singapore would be celebrating its 51st birthday. It is proper that We dedicate my 51st article on Ezine Articles to honor the nation for several its accomplishments.

Listed here are 51 main reasons why you really need to love Singapore:

  1. Singapore Changi Airport: Consistently voted the very best airport on earth.
  2. Singapore Airlines: Consistently voted as top-3 most readily useful flight on earth.
  3. Well-Organized Transport program: really efficient system of trains and buses the covers the whole town. Train arrives any 2 to five full minutes normally.
  4. Robust Education program: pupils regularly rank on the list of top on earth when it comes to Programme for International beginner Assessment (PISA).
  5. Top Universities: The National University of Singapore (NUS) in addition to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) tend to be rated Top 20 on earth.
  6. Wash Water: you can easily drink liquid through the tap!
  7. Clean Environment: neat and fresh air all year-round (except whenever haze arrives). The streets may also be clean.
  8. Well-Organized City: City development tend to be well-organized, and housing properties tend to be well-managed by Town Councils.
  9. Community Clubs: With 108 neighborhood groups spread island-wide, neighborhood groups tend to be a distinctive personal invention of Singapore. Find out skills and mingle with other people through programs organized by these neighborhood groups.
  10. Best Passport on earth: the entire world Tourism business (WTO) published a study on 15 January 2016, ranking the Singaporean passport first in the planet (tied with Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg in addition to great britain) regarding vacation freedom, with a transportation list of 160
  11. Bilingualism: Singaporeans are required to find out both their mama tongue in addition to English Language.
  12. Singlish: with all the ‘Lor’, ‘Lah’ and ‘Shiok’, Singlish is a distinctive function of Singapore!
  13. Multi-Cultural community: 4 major events (Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians) with foreigners throughout the planet live on this bright area in harmony.
  14. Religious Harmony: No battles against each major religion in Singapore. Cheers to serenity!
  15. Public Housing: 90percent of Singaporeans own their very own houses.
  16. The Merlion: A mythical animal as a hybrid between a Lion head in addition to fish tail, the Merlion stays our mascot.
  17. Great Food: Enjoy Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western, Japanese, Korean, center Eastern and other cuisines throughout the planet.
  18. Sentosa: It’s Singapore’s man-made Siloso Beach, in addition to Universal Studios theme playground.
  19. Singapore Sling: The iconic beverage invented in Long Bar in Raffles Hotel is based in the menu of pubs and bars all over the world.
  20. Taxi: With close to 30,000 official taxis maintaining a populace of fewer than 5.5 million men and women, its simpler to get a taxi then chances are you think.
  21. Lee Kuan Yew: The founding father of Singapore which steered the nation to what its these days.
  22. Nationwide Libraries: With 29 regional and community libraries spread throughout the area, the national libraries bring publications of joy to children, and offer someplace to review for students.
  23. Night Safari: Singapore’s Night Safari is the planet’s first nocturnal safari playground. It showcases a lot more than 2,500 animals within their all-natural nighttime habitats.
  24. Gardens because of the Bay: Step inside planet’s biggest column-less greenhouse to look at exotic flowers from about the planet.
  25. Esplanade: a concert hallway shaped like a durian fruit.
  26. Top Restaurants: Top chefs particularly Joel Robuchon, Daniel Boulud and Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay features opened his first restaurant right here, Jamie Oliver his second and Wolfgang Puck his first Spago in Asia.
  27. Hawker Centres: inexpensive and affordable delicacies at your home!
  28. The planet’s highest and biggest rooftop pool: The view from Marina Bay Sands’ planet’s highest 495-foot rooftop pool is truly magnificent!
  29. Haw Par Villa: We possess the planet’s scariest theme playground. The 1,000-plus statue theme playground integrated 1937 depicts a walk through the 18 levels of hell according to Chinese folklore.
  30. Botanic Gardens: Recently recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  31. Colonial Architecture: structures such as the Fullerton Hotel, the Victoria Concert Hall in addition to Old Supreme Court brings history to life!
  32. The planet’s best financial institutions: Singapore’s local financial institutions tend to be recognised as on the list of planet’s best financial institutions with strong credit scoring.
  33. Singapore Formula 1 Night Race: One of the crown jewels for the F1 schedule.
  34. Campaigns: We have a few government-led campaign for almost anything important. Be Courteous, Speak English, Speak Mandarin, Stop Dengue, Protect Liquid, Stop Littering, Stay Kind, Don’t Spit, Stop At Two.
  35. ‘Fine’ town: A pun that appropriately describes the good components of our city-state, in addition to plethora of fines that you can get.
  36. The small Red Dot: We love how we turned an insult into a national pride!
  37. Many Running Spots: With pavements interwoven within housing properties, in conjunction with nature reserves, reservoirs and areas, Singapore has its own working places throughout the area.
  38. Competitive events: There are many more than 100 events organized on a yearly basis. These events consist of marathons, half-marathons, 10km events, 5km events, triathlon, bike events and family members operates, adequate to keep you busy caught all all year!
  39. Toastmasters Clubs: with over 200 Toastmasters Clubs spread across this tiny area, you’ll have sufficient opportunities to develop your public speaking and management skills!
  40. Powerful Government and Civil provider: The government is recognised as clear and uncorrupted, in addition to civil service sector is well-managed.
  41. Quickest spot to Do Business: Recognised because of the World Bank as easiest location to do business for ten successive many years.
  42. Technological Capabilities: Recognised because of the World Economic Forum as the utmost Technology-Ready country.
  43. Competition: Recognised as second most acceptable nation on earth because of the World Economic Forum.
  44. Currency exchange: Singapore is the 3rd biggest foreign currency centre on earth
  45. Financial Hub: Singapore is the 3rd biggest monetary centre on earth.
  46. Oil Refinery: Singapore is the 3rd biggest oil refining and trading centre on earth.
  47. Container Ports: Recognised among the top two busiest container harbors on earth since the 1990s.
  48. Powerful credit history: For the past decade, Singapore has been the sole Asian nation utilizing the top Triple-A sovereign rating from all major credit score companies.
  49. High Per Capita GDP: Singapore GDP Per Capita is one of the highest on earth.
  50. Walking Speed: We possess the fastest average walking speed on earth, a testament to our frantic life style.
  51. Citizens: The people and residents of last, present and future, which made our nation the way in which our company is these days. You are in this listing!

51 reasons why you should celebrate 51 several years of liberty. Majulah Singapura!