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08 Jul 2016

Five Police Officers Killed in Dallas Ambush

What was a peaceful ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Dallas Texas became a police officer’s nightmare as snipers ambushed officers shooting 11, killing 5.  A protester who had brought her young children to the event in an effort to teach them the “power of peaceful protest” was also wounded, shot in the leg as she and others in the terrified crowd fled.

Three suspects are in custody, Police Chief David Brown said he wasn’t yet certain how many were involved, and the El Centro area were the shootings took place while be closed as an investigation is made. One sniper turned his weapon on himself after holding off capture in a car park where he claimed he would kill more officers and that he had “bombs all over the place”.

Police officers responded with calm to offensive shouted mocking by protesters who had become looters immediately after the shooting. Meanwhile at Baylor Medical Center, The Dallas Morning Times captured the image of a burly black police officer tearfully embracing panicked family members of wounded officers. He was heard to be sobbing as he comforted the white family members. The image illustrates the complexities of race relations in the US.

Restrained Outrage

The use of deadly force by US police officers has increased from 465 incidents in the first six months of last year to 491 for the same period this year, according to a study by The Washington Post. Statistics from 2010 show that, on average, black teenagers are 21 times more likely to be shot by police officers than their white contemporaries.

Renewed protests had been taking place across the US after two incidents of police officers killing black men had been captured by video and went viral, sparking heated discussions across America.  First Alton Sterling was seen shot in Louisiana as he lay helplessly on the ground.


Then, after being stopped for having a broken tail light on his car, a Minnesota police officer shot Philando Castile in front of his girlfriend who immediately posted the harrowing video of the aftermath onto Face Book.

Responding to the protests earlier this week, President Barack Obama said “all fair-minded people should be concerned” about police killings of black Americans.

He also expressed his: “extraordinary appreciation and respect for the vast majority of police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us every single day. They’ve got a dangerous job. It’s a tough job.”

At the NATO summit in Warsaw, where President Obama was discussing Brexit as well as other issues with EU leaders, the US President responded to the news of the shootings saying that the US was “horrified” after the “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement” in Dallas.”