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02 Oct 2016

Brita Normal Water Filtration Systems – An In Depth Review


This analysis and comparison of Brita tap filtration models discusses the business’s two filter system. Within our modern world, with over 75,000 chemical substances going swimming, it is simply too dangerous to count on a water filter that does a sufficient work getting rid of chemical substances. While filtering out some pollutants surpasses nothing, the small size of Brita’s carbon filter simply can not match the overall performance of a good dual cartridge, multi-stage water filter. Let us examine the overall performance, cost and lots of other key elements of the two methods.


Utilizing the Brita 2-stage process, water initially passes through a non-woven display that traps deposit. Upcoming, the water flows through a compressed block of carbon and zeolite. It will help to reduce chlorine and lead. Brita utilizes GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), that is identified by the EPA once the most useful available technology for getting rid of organic chemical substances like chlorine. But the visibly small filter results in less efficient filtration than countertop filters having far more filter news. The non-woven display has the difficulty of being also small and far more inadequate at filtration than many other two-stage or multi-stage filters.

Regarding certain matter-of filtration, Brita does not even meet up with the revised standard for decreasing lead. Compare this to multi-stage water filters that go beyond the standard with over 99percent reduction of lead and also cost less in the end. Lead is one of typical contaminant within water and it is a toxin that numerous negative health effects, specially on brain.

Performance information…

  • Both filters remove over 99%of chlorine.
  • the popular atrazine weed-killer brita eliminated while aquasana more than>For Benzene, Brita paid off 96.9percent and Aquasana had greater than 98percent filtration. Benzene is an additive for gas and obviously carcinogenic.
  • Brita would not overcome Aquasana’s overall performance for even one contaminant

According to overall performance, best filter is a multi-stage water filtration system that includes far more than a high quality carbon filter (with carbonized coconut layer medium) and a slim evaluating filter. The greatest multi-stage water filter available on the market utilizes several effective technologies including GAC: mechanical filtration (filtration down to.5 microns), adsorption (pollutants bond chemically or literally to the area regarding the GAC filter medium) and ion trade (replaces harmful lead ions with healthful potassium ions). The several water filter news allow you to filter out over 99percent of certain chemical substances like chlorine.


It is rather easy to be attracted to the lower price of a Brita product. You can purchase a two-stage Brita filter system for about $30.00 to $35.00, but you will get everything you purchase… which implies even more pollutants inside water. The most important information with regard to pricing is the fact that the upfront cost is deceptive.

A far more effective and efficient multi-stage filter continues 500 gallons or just around half a year. The Brita filters only filter 100 gallons and should be altered about every 4 months. Brita replacement filters cost $18.99 while Aquasana cartridges run $47.99. So, if you are using 300 gallons over a six month period you can expect to pay $47.99 the multi-stage dual cartridges, but $56.97 maintain the Brita 2-stage system flowing.

The Brita filter prices about about 19 dollars a gallon compared to 9 dollars a gallon for Aquasana’s AQ-4000. If you should be in search of a water filter that costs significantly less than Brita and works more effectively, after that a multi-stage water filter can be your clear champion.


While price is definitely crucial, i will suggest which you base the acquisition of a water filter first and foremost on overall performance. In this instance, a multi-stage filter is the greatest investment inside health insurance and will save you money in the long-run. Cost and gratification are vital aspects for switching your sink tap into a source for healthy filtered water. But, exploring other aspects like a risk-free guarantee, guarantee, maintenance, industry honors and proven background, may be as crucial.