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03 Oct 2016

African Fashion – Amazing Cow Horn Jewellery


For African fashion lovers, some recognized key is the usage of African cow horn jewellery to fit African dressing. Its unbelievable exactly how much use can be crafted from a cow horn. The hand crafts is often as many as one can produce although primary utilizes come in jewellery, tableware, workplace desk products and bathroom accessories. In tableware, they are mainly utilized as serving forks and spoons, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, sauce boats, butter knives and Flower vases amongst others. Plus the cow horn is considered the most authentic vessel for consuming alcohol African beverages. For workplace desk, you will get ash trays, page openers, pen holders and so many more. For bathroom, you discover combs,soap dishes, footwear horns and bathroom cups.

Its in jewellery the artisan mainly expresses himself. Because of the intensive process included, the crafts males work with custom sales whether for retail or even for volume. Essentially without offering their particular secrets,the process is really as follows. To get the most out-of a cow horn, the Turitu craftsmen begin with a careful selection of huge horns brought in from famous Ankole cattle for the neighbouring country Uganda. The horn will be sawed into pieces depending exactly what products have actually bought. The horn is boiled in oil to soften it and molded to the desired item. After cutting and cutting into form, its sanded, varnished and coated and then hanged to dried out. Its a slow and fine process that needs many years of instruction and knowledge.

For Jewellery, the crafts males usually make ear bands, bangles, bracelets, hand bands, hair films, devices, necklaces and chokers. Additionally they combine the horn with metal based on their clients sales. The beauty of the horn jewellery is the fact that its durable, unique,attractive, is not delicate and certainly will be custom designed. And something can purchase up to you need but they need to provide advance sales as a result of the long and fine process included. And because the horn can be molded into almost anything, the crafts males also welcome brand-new styles. But for easy items like bands that do not need much handwork, a big volume can be created within a few days.

The art males have now been quietly, exporting this jewellery along with other cow horn items like combs going back three decades to many nations including usa and European countries. The manufacturing is done by males while retail selling is done by women in your local cultural markets. This little but very skilled industry has created many opportunities especially for the youth who usually be engaged in vice. For reasons uknown, bit is famous of this Kenyan cottage industry even yet in Kenya itself. But with additional support from African fashion manufacturers, government along with other stakeholders, the can be an important currency exchange earner.